Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Over the years I've developed a little love affair with Champneys since my mom became obsessed with their spa resorts. The products where first available to buy in Sainsbury's and have since made their ways to the shelves of most Boots stores across the country.

I've acquired a pretty big collection of their products ranging from skincare to nail polishes. The photos above show about a fifth of the products I have stacked up in my cupboards!

My favourites have to be the Skin Comforting Shower Cream and the Bathing Milk, they are so yummy and luxurious. I reach for these when I fancy a bit of pampering - amazing in a winter bath with some candles and Birdy playing in the background :-)

I wouldn't say they are the cheapest of products - it just depends how much you wish to stretch your budget to for a luxury brand. A typical shower gel will set you back between £6-8. The products aren't available online at Boots at this time but you can check them out on the Champneys website here! I haven't actually purchased any of these products since the Christmas sales, the gift sets go half price after christmas so its a great opportunity to stock up without paying top whack, so keep your eyes peeled! Gotta' love a bargain!

I hope this has been an enjoyable post to read - when I mention this brand to my friends they think of it as a mumsy brand but I am a really big fan and hope some of you out there agree with me - go check them out!

Natalie xxx


  1. I've just found your blog and I love it! Champneys products are always something I've wanted to try, but maybe I'll wait until after christmas too haha.
    Also, I've tagged you in my Liebster Blog Award! have a look if you'd like to:
    Sam xx

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for the lovely comment and award!! I'm gonna figure this out and a post should be up later today!