Thursday, 12 July 2012


I think i'm in love.

For ages I've wondered whats been making my mum smell so amazing every time she has a bath, so I took a trip into her bathroom and had a little rummage and eventually found this little baby.

I've never really dabbled with body butters, I seem to think that everything I put on my skin will leave a greasy residue and that thought makes me steer clear. However this Sanctuary Body Butter has swayed me and ohmygod i'm addicted. The smell is pure luxe and quite relaxing, especially when I use this just before I hop into bed.

Its jam packed with a mix of cocoa butter, shea butter almond oil, macadamia oil and good old vitamin E - lucky skin!
I'm excited to try other products from this range now and at £9.20 for 300ml I will definitely be repurchasing at some point in the future!

Have you been to the spa itself? What products tickle your fancy?

Love x

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