Sunday, 29 July 2012

Music to my Ears #3

I don't know about you, but this last week has seemed to fly by. All I can say I've really done is soaked up the sun most of the week and neglected my blog. Since it was raining today, I guess the typical British weather will force me back inside and i'll find the time to get back to writing some posts!

I re-discovered an old album this week - Songs about Jane by Maroon 5. I was still in Primary school when this album was released (OMG!) back in 2002.

This song woke me up on the radio the other morning and has rekindled my love for Adam Levine and that husky voice of his...

I give you, Sunday Morning - ultimate chill out music, Enjoy!!

PS. I've had the first of my followers subscribe to my blog this week and Id like to say a little thank you for the lovely comments you have left me on my recent posts. Its so overwhelming when someone tells you that they are a fan of your blog - especially when its so young!! 

Love xx

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