Sunday, 22 July 2012

Music To My Ears #2

I'm thinking of making this music post a weekly regular, so here goes week 2!

This week I've been travelling a lot for work purposes (more on that in a 'get to know me' post!) so who better to keep me company on the road than Lana Del Ray. Stunning voice and oozing with beauty this lady is a big big favourite of mine. 

Thanks to Spotify PlayButton, I bring you National Anthem, possibly the best song on her album Born to Die.

If your new to Spotify, I totally recommend it. Its free to download the software/app to your computer/ipad/iphone and you can upgrade to a premium account which costs £10 per month (£5 for nus cardholders) which gives you access to unlimited music, wahoo! The free version allows youpto approximately 100 plays per track and you can listen to these posts via the app too which gets a biggggg thumbs up!

Happy listening, and I hope you have a great start to the week.

'Till next time, Natalie xx

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