Monday, 9 July 2012


When it comes to tanning, its got to be natural looking. There's nothing worse than an unsightly streak or a blotch and not to mention looking like a wotsit! I've tried many tanning products over the years and I must admit - this is by far the best I've ever used, ever ever ever. Period.

I picked this up from Boots a few months ago when it had just been brought out for an introductory '1/3 of' price of £16, currently retailing at £22.49. I had never heard of this brand before I brought - I must have good instincts! There are 3 shades to choose from - light, medium and dark, as well as gels, mousses, untinted, long lasting and wash of varieties. I went for the dark mousse, even though i'm naturally very pale I find that darker shades look better in general, and last longer on my skin.

1 application of this lasts the best part of a week - bonus! It claims to have no smell whatsoever, which is true AFTER you have washed this off your skin. When you first apply it, it leaves a not so appealing green tint to your skin but after 2-3 hours its beautifully golden with no streaks. Iv had so many good complements about this tan I really cannot recommend it enough! 

Also, if your a savvy shopper like me its currently on offer for double points at Boots. - Winner!

Have you used this brand at all? Any other recommendations?

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